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In a country like Australia, floods are always a liability, as it is surrounded by seas from all sides. In these types of situations, when your home gets flooded the very first thing that would be affected is definitely flooring. In most of the households, it is carpeted on floors, mostly. So stay with us for the tips to quickly dry wet carpets.

wet carpet drying

Got your carpet wet? It seems like an emergency but waits, do not panic. Calm down your nerves and follow the super amazing tips to quickly dry your wet carpets. Well, we truly understand that salvaging the wet carpet is one of the most challenging situations for any homeowner following water damage. It must be a messy situation for any household as many organizations suggest that mold and bacteria begin to grow in the damp carpet as soon as 24 to 48 hours after becoming wet. Once these spores land on your carpet it becomes hard to get rid of them. These germs and bacteria not only harm your carpet but also pose a great risk to your health. So, do not get yourself in more trouble and simply follow the tips as below:


First of all, detect the source from where the water is coming. Because without detecting the source of water there would be no advantage of cleaning your household things, as you clean your furniture without detecting the water source more water is coming the way. Hence making your cleaning entirely useless.

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Once you detect the source from where the water is coming from and then stop it. The next step is to create such a pathway where the flow of air could be maximized in order to ventilate. Ventilation will help in drying your carpets more quickly. Open windows and doors switch on the fans in order to dry things out. High powered fans are best for the ventilation. You may also consider using a dehumidifier to quickly dry the things out.


Leaving your carpets to dry on its own is not something cool. As it can result in the invasion of toxins in your home and once bacteria and other fungus build up it pervades in your carpet pad it becomes nearly impossible to get rid of them. Wet carpets are definitely a headache for anyone and lead to frustration. Hence one of the best ways to deal with them is steam cleaning. Steam cleaning wet carpets help in removing different kinds of toxins and harmful substances present in your carpets which are hazardous for your health. Steam cleaning then helps in deodorizes your carpets as well. You can steam clean your carpets by yourself or can also call a professional service for help. The high pressure used in steam cleaning helps in killing the toxins and other harmful substances. Once the steam cleaning is done, all the toxins are sucked up by the steam cleaners. It is the most ideal way to dry and clean your wet carpets, completely ensuring the health benefits as it is quite eco-friendly.

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As mentioned earlier that bacteria begin to grow in the damp carpet as soon as 24 to 48 hours after becoming wet. Once bacteria start to grow in your carpets, they (carpets) become the hub for these bacterial organisms, fungus, and other harmful organisms. Hence affecting the overall atmosphere of your room, ultimately your home as well. So, there is a high need for the sanitization of your rooms which were the host of those wet carpets.

Follow these super-duper tips to get the amazing results!!!

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