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Things You Must Keep In Mind When Choosing The Tech Stack For Your Startup

The suitable and right tech stack is closely related to the perfect plan of programming and having tools to facilitate the development of mobile and web applications. For the development of any application, two popular instances, which are known as front-end (client-side) and backend (server-side) serve as essential components.

Develop an understanding with the concept

In general terms, tech stack refers to an application development tool in which you can leverage the technological dimension. There is an irreplaceable golden rule which relates much to the tech stack as- “a perfect text technology provides faster scalability as compared to the one required for its maintenance.” For your startup, the ultimate goal is to enhance the scalability for more users, traffic, and coding or data management by deploying hardware rather than manually solving it. Say, at regular intervals if your user database keeps increasing, you can deploy more servers and everything will be in shape. But what if you need to increase the team because startups are more dependent upon the collective inputs as a team?

Why perfect tech stack is important?

The balanced combination of various technological instances that serve in software development is “perfect tech stack”. Understanding it for a typical application development especially with angular js development, angularjs offer some advantages like-

  • If it is well documented, then you can fix the performance issues and  bugs very easily
  • The management of the code database will be facilitated
  • A developer can code with the required speed

How to choose the perfect tech stack for my startup?

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As you have gone through the details regarding the same, now is the time to learn how to choose the right tech stack for your startup. Let us proceed further-

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1. Stages in your business- At every possible stage, tech stack play some major role and if you are just starting off, then your goal must be to launch MVP instantly with any available framework with all the tools that can help you put off the active prototype. For the same, angular js development angularjs can be helpful.

2. The project needs- How could we make a commitment if we don’t even know the requirement? Prior to the tech stack, you must know about the project requirements in detail whether your project requires real-time functioning or not, and other such terms. If you require a promotional website to increase conversion, do not hesitate to go for development AngularJs. 

3. Availability of the resources- It is the key factor to consider for your startup because even if you have a perfect idea with the same, what if you do not have a team of potential developers? Hence, for proper execution and implementation, you definitely require a development partner who is capable enough to deal with your project.

4. Development and maintenance quotations- No matter how efficiently you make decisions, the tech stack always has an impact on the development cost. Even angular js development angularjs possess certain factors that are taken into consideration prior to the selection. The cost of hiring a technical expert or a developer is also based upon the development AngularJs framework and so is the maintenance cost varied.

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5. Time to market- For all of the startups, the marketing period can be the most important factor to be thought of. It is very important to know that the faster you develop the platform and launch your application, the sooner you will get the required exposure. On the contrary, the lesser you spend time on the development, the more time you can invest in working upon other factors say, feedback or management. If you have a potential development partner then you can actively welcome third party integration along with the availability of technical professionals or developers for your project.

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6. Scalability and security concerns- The requirements and functioning of startups are quite different from small platforms for large scale enterprises. For startups, angular js development angularjs is a replaceable option providing well-defined scalable metrics that can perform vertically as well as horizontally. Once you have deployed development AngularJs for your project, make sure you have enough security practices to mitigate the threats or breaches. For this, you can actively run security tests on the front end as well as backend as it will significantly eradicate the presence of basic security threats.


Before choosing the best practice of tech stack, it is important to have an accurate development partner and then the framework which works best for you. Always consider the technology which is based upon your business requirement and the resources which are available and you can easily afford. For further assistance, you can also refer to Imarticus Learning to get a clear insight.

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