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Sydney should be at the top of your travel list! Check out why

Australia has so many significant cities that are famous all around the globe for various reasons. Some have beautiful beaches and some have historical landmarks. The city has the combination of both the beautiful coastal lines along with the cultural heritage is the city of Sydney. If we talk a little about the history of this mega city then we get to know that this area of this city has been inhabited for thousands of years. What started as a British colony has evolved into one of the greatest metropolitans in the world.

It is the capital city of Australian state New South Wales. It also comes in the list of one of the most densely populated areas of Australia with a population of 5.23 million. Sydney is one of the top ten most livable cities in the world. A beautiful environment and friendly society make it a perfect place to live and visit in the world. It is home to many different landmarks and historical sites that make it an attractive tourist destination.

Sydney also has a very strong economy and it contributes a large sum to the country’s economy. One of its major industries includes finance, tourism, and manufacturing. Sydney also has a strong educational foundation. It is home to many universities. Sydney also has Australia’s first university and library. There are many aspects of Sydney’s culture, each of which has its own identity and color. This is the reason why Sydney comes on the top ranks of the list of most visited cities in the world.

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In this article, we will discuss some of the top-rated tourist attractions in Sydney that makes it one of the best tourist destination in the world.

Amazing tourist sites in Sydney

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Sydney Harbor Bridge is also known as “the coat hanger” is like a trademark for Sydney. This massive steel structure carries various types of traffic like railway, different vehicles, and pedestrians from downtown to the northern shore of the city. This bridge is in the national heritage of the country. Thousands of tourists visit this site in Sydney throughout the year.

Sydney opera house

Sydney opera house is considered to be one of the most significant architectural achievements in the world. This also comes in the list of most famous buildings on this planet. This is a performing art center that hosts various art-related events all over the year which are attended by hundreds of thousands of people from different parts of the world.

Bondi beach

Bondi beach is located in the suburbs of Sydney. This exquisite white sand beach spreads for around 1 km and attracts many tourists from all over the world every year. This is also taken as the paradise for surfers. In summers this beach is flooded with tourists and visitors from Australia and the rest of the world.

Which visa is required to visit these places?

Want to visit a beautiful and colorful city? Do you want to attend a performing art event in Sydney? Or do you dream about sunbathing on Bondi beach? For all this, you need an Australian visitor’s visa subclass 600. This visa allows one to visit Australia as a tourist or to meet friends and family for a temporary period. Anyone who wishes to visit Australia as a tourist must have a valid Australian visitor’s visa.

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Migration is an Australian company that provides authentic visa consultancy. Our migration agent in Sydney can guide you in getting an Australian visitor’s visa or any other Australian visa like subclass 482, student visa subclass 500 or any other Australian visa.

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