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How To Choose Effective Floor Tiles

How to choose effective flooring tiles

Your family dream house is coming to an end, but you are really confused because you don’t know which floor tiles to choose from. Do you like tiles, but you have to choose that they adapt to the interior and exterior design of the house? 

According to the architects, the tiles will be an important factor that will affect the space, the furniture, and the architecture in general. Therefore, to ensure a beautiful and harmonious living space, you will largely depend on aesthetic ability when choosing tiles.

Most of family wants to buy floor tiles that are not only durable but also beautiful, resistant to dirt and dust, and are effectively non-slip. Another factor that families often attach importance to, in addition to quality and design, is the price. This is why glazed porcelain tiles have become the choice of many consumers. However, you should keep the following points in mind to choose the best tokens:

Best Floor Tiles

Select the right floor tile sizes

You should choose oversized floor tiles if you want the room to look airy and provide a more spacious feel, a greater aesthetic due to fewer circuits with the popular tile choice, 600×600 tiles.

If the shape of the room is not square, you can choose mosaics with rectangular shapes such as 150 × 600 mosaic tiles or 300 × 600 mosaic tiles. With the selection of rectangular mosaics, it will help you to correct this error effectively, hide the imperfections of the space as well as save a significant amount of tiles.

Choice of colors for floor tiles

When choosing the color of tiles, you should pay attention to the selection that matches the main color of the furniture. In addition to choosing bold colors that suit the overall architecture and your taste, you need to choose colors that match the destination of the owner. Normally, if the room is quite narrow and the height is limited, you should choose tiles with simple patterns and bright colors. On the contrary, if the weather is high, you can choose the color of the bold base tiles to create a solid feel.

Some notes when choosing floor tiles

=> Many customers make the mistake of choosing the tiles according to their taste. Therefore, when choosing tiles, you need to choose the size and color of the tiles to fit the space because the floor tiles will be difficult to change after being paved.

=> For rooms with a small area, such as bedrooms, you should not choose tiles that are too large in size because this will have the opposite effect of making the room appear small, making the room less luxurious.

=> For spaces with a lack of light and narrow room area, tiles with few patterns and light colors should be chosen.

=> Do not choose one type of tile for all the spaces in the house, but rather rely on the characteristics of each space.

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