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How to Become a Fashion Designer Jobs in Pakistan

Five out of ten girls in Pakistan have a dream of becoming a fashion designer. However, the problem is that parents either don’t support this career or they want their girls to take a different career route like becoming a doctor or engineer. It’s crucial that parents understand their children’s skills and interests and then let them pursue their dream careers. In case you have a good interest in fashion designing and want to get an excellent paying fashion designing Jobs in Pakistan. It’s time to check a step-by-step guide to become a fashion designer in Pakistan.

Get a Fashion Design Degree

Competition in the fashion world is immense, and if you want to walk the fashion career path, you need to do it the right way. It’s not like you will become a star in the fashion designing field and get the highest paying designer jobs in Pakistan or Karachi by luck. There is no such thing as luck in this field. Everyone has reached the top spot by making some efforts, and you will have to join them.

A proper route starts from education and learning both basic and advanced skills. Tons of fashion designing institutes are there all over Pakistan. Enroll yourself in a college that offers a well-recognized degree. Many girls make a mistake, they enroll themselves in a new college just because it’s fee is reasonable.

Think of your fees as an investment you are making into your career. Yes, a fashion designing career is expensive; you will have to spend money on every project. But if you are passionate about designing the overall cost doesn’t matter. Try to look at the big picture; you will get a degree that will make you a fashion designer. It’s all that matters the most.

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Jobs In Pakistan
Jobs In Pakistan

Start Working on Your Portfolio

Got your fashion designing degree? You are only one step away from getting a high-paying fashion job in Pakistan. Everyone feels great after getting a degree as you consider it as a significant achievement, which is indeed it is. However, a degree alone means nothing when you don’t have a portfolio.

Now you will start wondering how I can have my portfolio. In that case, I have three cool ideas for you.

Start local fashion designing

Every city has a local market where custom dresses are designed. Now, you have to approach the owner of a local dress shop and offer your designing services. As shop owners used to hire sketch makers, they won’t mind hiring you. Yes, you will get paid but with a little amount.
However, don’t care about money and try to put your foot inside the door. When you apply for fashion designing jobs. you can mention local shop names in your portfolio.

Become an Intern- Don’t sit still while you are studying in a fashion designing class. Try to make connections in the fashion industry.
Approach local shops and big fashion brands, showcase your skills, and don’t miss an internship opportunity. The reason is that this opportunity will let you learn new skills while you can use it later in your portfolio.

Start with an entry-level job

I know the feeling you want to start from a high paying job, but it’s not happening. At this point, you should believe in the concept “something is better than nothing.” Consider it the first step of your career ladder. Baby steps are suitable for your career development.

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Jobs In Pakistan
Jobs In Pakistan

Start Your Job Search

As you have a degree plus experience, so now you are better able to find a good fashion designing job in Pakistan. When it comes to searching for a job, then you don’t have to do much. Tons of online websites are there to help you.
All you have to do is to apply online and then wait for an interview call. I suggest you start your search from Pk.fratres.net or rozee.pk. Although tons of other job websites are there, it’s hard to trust them. You can’t find valid sites in Pakistan for jobs. So, try to stick with those that you can trust easily.

Keep Yourself Up-to-Date

One thing that can make you a successful fashion designer in Pakistan is flowing with the fast-changing fashion world. In other words, you must know how to stay up-to-date in terms of fashion and styling.
Keep tabs on fashion trends, know what’s latest and what’s outdated. This knowledge will be your power, especially when you will go to an interview, and the hiring manager will ask you what you think will work and what fabric is the latest.
So, equip yourself with degree, knowledge, and experience, and it’s when you are ready to get the best fashion designing jobs in Pakistan.

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