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Food And Its Relation With Pakistan

Food is one of the biggest necessities of human existence. every country has its own specialty in its food so does Pakistan. Pakistan is famous globally for its food especially the delightfully flavored biryani and that grilled seekh kabab which are the main attraction of every food street of Pakistan, besides it is also one of the biggest attractions for tourists

Food streets of Pakistan

Pakistan has numerous food streets which are also known as the biggest food streets in the world. the Hussainabad food street in Karachi has all sorts of dishes available for you to consume with their unorthodox style and great tasting food this street is always packed with cars and bikes no matter what time it is, burns road in Karachi serve all sorts of desi foods and are especially known for their tikkas and kababs people travel long distances just to try these delicacies at least once a year, M.M Alam Road and Lahore fort food street in Lahore are very famous around the world. these streets are famous for their variety of food and their pleasant taste of food. You will never be bored while exploring around these streets of Pakistan the smell of food being cooked fills the air and makes the car ride more pleasurable if you put the window down and they have something new each time you pay a visit. Do Dariya is one of the most famous food points in Karachi because of its beautiful view of the sea. those restaurants are made above the seashore so people can enjoy the sea view while eating the food. They have a beautiful scenic view of the blue sea right by your side and you can see the waves crashing into the stony shore just below you, it is an amazing experience.

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Restaurants in Pakistan

There are many famous restaurants in Pakistan. Kolachi and kababjees are famous in Karachi for their expertise in not only desi dishes such as Karachi or handi but also their outstanding taste in other cuisines such as steaks and Chinese delicacies. Lahore also has many famous restaurants such as andaaz restaurant and Burj Attari is famous in Lahore. These restaurants are famous for their amazing taste in their dishes which are loved by many people all over Pakistan.

Famous dishes of Pakistan

Pakistan is very famous for its spicy and finger-licking tasty food which includes the favorable biryani Kashmiri pulao seekh kabab and juicy and tender tikka which are famous for their absolutely amazing taste and the spices which give the food a unique taste. These spices are the real tastemaker of these dishes. Most Pakistani dishes depend on the amount and kind of spices used in them, desi food is nothing without the spices that are used in the making of them, a Pakistani Biryani will not taste that well if it lacks that punch of spice in every bite and the same goes for everything else.

Spices of Pakistan

Pakistan is famous for its spices which are used in our food which make it very different from the food of other countries. Our food has a strong punch of flavor in each bite and makes you want to take another bite almost immediately. these spices are made on a very big scale in this country and are the real ingredients that add flavor to the food of Pakistan.

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Famous spice brands of Pakistan

In Pakistan, eating out is a special event and is only done once or twice each month by most people, eating from restaurants, no matter how tempting it may sound will lose its shimmer if you overdo it or eat out once or twice each week so to counter that and to satisfy the Pakistani need for spice  Famous spice brands of Pakistan are Shan and National which are sold worldwide so you can make mouth-watering. food that is filled with spice right at your own home you can find these spice brands anywhere around the world. They are famous for their taste which they give to the food.

Pakistanis are no doubt big foodies and to make them happy many restaurants have discount food deals in Karachi, Lahore and other cities of Pakistan many restaurants have also introduced deal of the week as a new year is approaching us.

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