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How to Promote Fire Safety at Your Workplace?

The most common cause of fire outbursts at workplaces in the US are often blamed on faulty electrical equipment. However other causes also include cluttering of office equipment, unprotected combustible materials and their undue exposure, human error, and negligence. Hence as the leader or showrunner for an organization, it becomes your responsibility to address all such concerns before they cause considerable threat of damaging your property or harming your employees. According to the statistics collected by the United States Fire Administration around 3,400 people lost their lives related to over 1.3 million fire outbursts in 2017 and resulting in a loss of $23 billion. In this post, we would like to share with you some great advice through which you can effectively promote fire safety at your workplace. 

The Right Equipment to Combat Fire Hazards

First and foremost you need to understand that while you can reduce the chances of a possibility of a fire at the workplace, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your office is fireproof. Hence the best way to deal with the situation is to make sure that the right set of equipment is made available to your employees in case they came face to face with such an epidemic. This will empower them combat the hazard or stall it for some time before professional assistance arrives.  This equipment includes:

  • Fire extinguishers 
  • Sand buckets
  • Fire blankets
  • First aid kits
  • Safety goggles
  • Smoke alarms
  • Panic bars
  • Fireproof safes
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Safety masks
  • Sprinklers
  • And much more

Provide Your Employees with Reasonable Training

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You need to make your staff more aware of the fire hazards at the workplace and this means you need to train them so conducting or running fire drills is a good step moving forward. On the other hand, we strongly recommend that you offer them custom flame resistant wear. This is not only a complete set that can offer absolute safety but you should also advise them on how to use it properly. In fact you should designate important roles for select individuals in case of a fire emergency so that they can help and guide other workers to evacuate the building and huddle up in a safe zone outside before professional assistance arrives. Your employee training program for fire safety can also include the following aspects:

  • Educate them about different classes of fires: Class A involves solid materials, Class B involves combustible and flammable liquids, Class C involves flammable gases, Class D includes flammable metals, and Class F concerns cooking oils. 
  • How to use fir extinguishers and especially which ones to use in different scenarios. These include fire extinguishers that contain CO2, foam, powder, water, and wet chemicals. 
  • Put up alert signs and make sure your employees understand their importance thoroughly. 

Regularly Perform Risk Assessments

The more proactive you act against the imposing threat fire hazards pose for your workplace, the better will be your end result. One of the best practices to adopt at your workplace to reduce the threat of fire outbursts is to assess fire risks for your offices through a professional service on a periodic basis. You can also do this initially by your own self, but for more accurate results we recommend that you seek out professional assistance. Your fire risk assessments at the workplace usually involve sources of ignition, unattended materials that are combustible and inflammable, and your daily operation which might increase the risk or chance of fire outburst. This is a complete and holistic approach that you need to deploy at your workstations and offices in general. This will also help make your workplace safer from fire hazards. 

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Proper Maintenance and Upkeep

At the very beginning we mentioned that the major cause of fire outbursts at workplace is most commonly attributed to faulty electrical appliances and devices. However a sensible approach would be to willingly go the extra mile and make sure that everything is working in proper order. Hence you need to check your offices and their electrical wiring. This will naturally make your place of work much safer as well as give a sound piece of mind. We hope this post was able to provide you with a better understanding of how you can go about making your workplace a safer place against fire hazards. For more questions and queries, please feel free to share with us your feedback in the comment section below.   

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