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Home Tech Excellent Golf GPS Systems Review

Excellent Golf GPS Systems Review

If you want to improve your game by using one of the proven golf gps systems there are quite a few things that you will want to consider.

Pricing, style, functionality as well as the brand and feedback will be among the top things that you consider.

Having a gps system can allow you to improve your game and a better chance of having an exceptional round of golf.

Many GPS systems can show you the entire course on the screen including video shots of where the hole is and how many yards you will have to strive for. There are so many golf gps systems to choose from so below are just a few that you may be interested in.

Upro Golf GPS

The Upro Golf GPS is a great unit that allows you to buy course data for each course that you are on. If you would like there are two levels of data for each course which the second one will even show you a video picture of each hole and flag. This GPS is thinner than other GPS’s and only charges you course by course instead of charging you a monthly fee like other Golf GPS’s will.

Garmin GolfLogix

The Garmin GolfLogix GPS is an excellent GPS that is durable, precise and easy to use for any player. This GPS also boasts of a clear screen and is lightweight. The unit can hold over twenty courses in its memory and since it is made by Garmin who makes car GPS you will know that you are in great hands with your golfing game.

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Sonocaddie personal golf GPS

The Sonocaddie personal golf GPS is another one of the great golf gps systems. This particular system offers real time positioning for yourself and as well as give you your drive distance. It also keeps a scorecard of each of your plays as well giving some ability to do a game analysis. As a bonus this particular GPS also offers the first five courses for free.

SkyCaddie Golf GPS

The SkyCaddie Golf GPS is another popular gps system that can help you increase your golf score. This particular GPS boasts of a long battery life and is very lightweight. The SkyCaddie can hold several courses at one time and show you everything you need to know about the golf course in one download making it a great purchase.

Bushnell Yardage Pro

Last in our quick look at golf gps systems is the Bushnell Yardage Pro. This GPS is the basic device but can work efficiently without any problems. If you are a person that does not want all the bells and whistles, just a simple GPS that provides you the information that you want, this GPS is for you. Lightweight and durable and at a great price this GPS is very popular with golfers the world-over.

As you can see there are many golf gps systems out there for you to choose from. Before decide to purchase a golf gps system make sure that you do plenty of research and read reviews that can tell you the pros and cons of each brand. Reading reviews will help you to see which brands golfers recommend and what other people are using. Evaluate price, brands and models (including both the negative and positive reviews) of these golf gps systems to get the best results on the fairway.

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