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Celebrate Your Anniversary with These Innovative Ideas

Every year you need to think of celebrating your anniversary. You may do so, in the same way, each time. Maybe as a couple, you unconsciously visit the same place each year. What is worse is when you and your special someone forgets to observe your day.
You may not know that there are many innovative ways of having a simple homemade dinner to buy romantic flowers to take a walk in the park. It does not have to be expensive, high-priced, or interfere with your monthly budget, but there is no reason for not doing something special. Check out these unique ideas to help you plan a memorable anniversary.

Recreate your very first outing

image1While you may not precisely be in the area where you first met and fell in love, you can relive those memories on your anniversary. Such first encounters are usually economical. It could be a coffee date in a nice restaurant, a stroll in the woods, or gazing stars in an open area.
If you cannot do so because of inaccessibility or distance, recreating such scenarios would do. You can find a different restaurant that you both love, stroll in an available park, or gaze at the stars from similar fields in your current residential area.

Observe a new practice

Make a deliberate decision to do something new each year. It means that on your anniversary, slot in plans for the next one. The two can make plans to get out of town for a weekend, go for a hot air balloon ride, write each other sentimental love letters to be read in the next anniversary, share romantic flowers, or shower. Make sure it does not affect your budget, whatever it is. With a whole year to plan, you can set aside cash every month for events that seem costly.

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Go fishing

The presence of water has a way of soothing and providing a quiet atmosphere. If you live near a lake or visit one, this is an innovative way to celebrate your anniversary. All you will do is chat in between catches and recall past events in your life together, share jokes, and enjoy.

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Attend a karaoke event together

It is the best way to contribute time together on the evening of your anniversary. You can participate or watch and listen to others. You will enjoy more if you love singing along to the music. The memories collected from such events are long-lasting. They will make you look go-ahead for your next anniversary.

Take a road trip

Planning for a road trip to a specific or no particular destination is an ideal way of recognizing your anniversary. You can pack some snacks to eat along the way. Do not forget your camera. Those photos of beautiful sceneries and yourselves will stand out in your social media accounts.

Share memorable gifts

image2Gifts have a special place in people’s hearts, especially if they are wise ones. They may or may not be expensive as long as they portray the right message. Apart from jewelry, chocolates, and items of clothing, you can also think about making a playlist of favorite music and compiling it in a CD or USB. Having romantic flowers delivered at her workplace and engraving one another’s photos in your favorite coffee mugs.

Learn something new together

Think of something you both enjoy or can enjoy but can do with lessons. It can be salsa lessons, a foreign language, cooking, painting, golfing, or playing tennis. You will have great fun doing this while bonding at the same time. You never know, this may turn out to be a new hobby that you can convert into an annual ritual.

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Plan activities in your home

Decide on activities you can do throughout the day on your anniversary. It works well if it falls on a weekend. One of you can make a new dish from scratch and the other dessert. Enjoy the meal, and see who did an excellent job. Reward the best work with something memorable or a rest from the kitchen for the remainder of the day.

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Express your love in writing

image3 Take time to draft a long romantic letter to your significant other. It sounds like an old school, but it is a unique way to celebrate your love together. You can then read out this letter to one another while sipping your favorite drinks. The message should come straight from your heart to his/hers. If you are right in poems, you can also rite them instead.

Spend quiet time alone

The best place to have some quiet time together would be in your home. If you have children, you can send them to your parents for a night or stay late after going to bed. Turn off all your gadgets, that is, phones, laptops, TV, and other distractions. It should be ‘your’ time. You can spend it talking as you play board games, bring out the different types of flowers, and share silly jokes.

Explore water sports activities

Plan to engage in water sports activities. You will have lots of fun, joy, and rest in the process. If you do not know any, this would be a perfect opportunity to learn. There is a wide range of varieties available to choose the form or to engage in one by one. They include sky diving, water rafting, scuba diving, parasailing, kayaking, windsurfing, or snorkeling.

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The above innovative ways will go a long way to cementing your relationship. They will accord your long-lasting memories and even rekindle your love for one another. There is never going to be any reason for not celebrating your love life every year.

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