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Best cake combos for your wife on her birthday

One can’t deny the fact that “Women are creative.” At the same time, they are emotional too. Women love surprises. Being a husband, it’s important for you to understand her. Typically, a woman is physically weak on comparison to a man. (And it’s a fact and it doesn’t matter whether you accept it or not). 

For a woman, her family is everything for her. She sacrifices everything for her husband, kids, family. It’s a woman who shifts her family after marriage. She works 24X7 performing different sort of functions combinedly called as homemaker. Same goes for the working women too. And the best part is that she is potential enough to manage everything with ease and perfection. All she needs is a little care and affection. Thus, she must receive special care. At least, on her birthday, she has the right to feel special too.

A husband is the complementary of his wife. A wife leaves everything behind and enters into a new world holding his husband’s hand. There present a huge amount of trust and belief in her heart upon that man (husband), who holds her hand. She has some expectations with the man who let her stepped into an entire new world. As a husband, you should present her something special to make her feel happy. And if you are confused about what to gift, then we are suggesting you some graceful cake combos. You can ask for online orders too and can easily cake delivery in Thane or anywhere.

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  • Personalized cake combos: Personalized cakes along with personalized coffee mugs, T-shirts, night lamps, led cushions, photo collage card and so on. As a husband, try to pick up some emotional or lovely lines or words (on the cake too). Trust me! These lines will impress her a  lot. 
  • Photo cake combos: Nowadays, photo cakes are a trendy option to choose. Photos are the still capture of memories and photo embossed on cakes are a next level option. Choose a beautiful photo or a sweet family photo. And let it get customized on the cake. A photo cake with a photo collage box card is just an outstanding option. However, photo cakes also match well with a beautiful family or couple photo framed in a simply sweet photo frame.
  • Designer cake combos: Designer cakes or statement cakes are another trendy gifting option. These types of cakes are a craze in the market nowadays. One can order these types of cakes according to the mood or choice of his wife. Like, if your wife loves doing make-up, you can order for the design where makeup kit is designed. There are various designs available like makeup stuffs, jewellery, saree, and so on. Gift the same thing along with designer cakes whatever design is crafted. Like, for makeup related design, gift a lipstick or something and so on.
  • Flavored cake combos: Order different flavored cakes like butterscotch, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, black forest, etc. of your wife’s choice. Generally, it works well with a bouquet of lily-orchid flowers and a bottle of champagne.
  • Chocolate cake combos: Chocolates are women’s evergreen favorite flavor. Chocolates are indulging and appealing. What can go better than a combo of a delicious chocolate cake with a pack of dark chocolates. The combination is truly wow. Chocolates cakes combined with a bottle of red wine or champagne is also something romantic.
  • Red velvet theme: Red velvet birthday cakes are creative and appetizing at the same time. A heart-shaped red velvet cake is charming and romantic gift for your lovely wife. It will look perfect when combined with a fresh red roses bouquet and a beaded red colored jewellery box. Or, a heart-shaped red customized led light cushion looks more lovely.
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All these types of cakes are easily available online along with easy online cake delivery to Gurgaon  or anywhere convenienceacross the country

A woman doesn’t need huge gifts from his husband. She will become happy by knowing that you remembered her birthday and wished her on that day. A beautiful cake with a sweet gift is what makes her feel special. In fact, she genuinely needs your love, affection and care. These gifts are nothing, but signs of expressing love to them. 

Pick any of these wonderful options and order cake online in Hyderabador anywhere.  Gift it to your lovely wife. Certainly, it will revive the charm and bring back the romance in your married life.

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