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8 Methods To Have Custom Printed Shirts On Budget

Most starts up companies want to have custom printed shirts on budget. If you are one of them, then you are landed at the right place. It is possible to get custom printed shirts at a low budget. Here, we are going to list down important things that you need to consider while placing an order for a custom printed shirt.

  1. Create Your Design

If you want to save money, then it is better to create your design rather than hiring a designing expert. If you are skilled and can create your design, then there is no need to spend on expensive designers. Moreover, it is fun to design your custom all over print shirts. You can search online for good ideas for your custom printed shirts.

  1. Lookout For Hidden Cost

If you are searching for a shirt printing company, then you should ensure that there are no hidden costs. Ask your printing service providers to provide a small copy of all charges included in the entire printing process. As you want to have custom printed shirt on budget, then you should search for fees like “setup”, “startup” or “screen fees”.

There are various printing service providers who add extra charges with a base cost. Therefore, you should ask the small copy of all included charges before starting the printing process. Otherwise, it will be too late. Once you receive a quote, then you should ensure that there are no additional charges.

  1. Submit Your Print Ready File

You should submit proper art files to the printing contractor so that you do not have to pay extra charges for editing your print. It is recommended to submit the ready to print the art file to the printing professional to cut the cost.

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In addition to this, you should also make sure that the font is in proper order and all images are perfectly placed and integrated with the text.  This final check will ensure that you will have the perfect custom sublimation shirts.

  1. Pick The Right Shirt

As you want to print on a tight budget, then the right shirt is one that is suitable as per your budgetary constraints. But, you should balance between quality and price. Investing in a cost-efficient shirt does not mean you will purchase a bad quality shirt.

If you want to have a long-lasting custom printed shirt, then good quality of the shirt is a must. If you want this custom printed shirt for your employees, then you should consider their preferences for the shirt. Well, most people want to have a soft, durable and memorable shirt. Cotton shirts are the best for your employees. They feel comfortable and stylish as well.

  1. Reduce Colors & Location Of Print

You can print any design with any color and on any location of the shirt. But, if you want to reduce the expense of printing a shirt, then you should less color for printing design and choose less location to print your shirt.

You should add and reduce the colors and location of print as per your budget. The simple rule you need to know that more colors for print are directly proportional to the cost of printing. Therefore, you should print the design of the shirt wisely.

  1. Provide Enough Time For Printing

Usually, it takes 10 working days to complete the printing order. But, it does not include additional printing services. For additional printing services, one more day will be required. If you want to cut the printing prices, the show flexibility in your deadline. Place your order in advance and ask for some concession in printing costs.

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The printing contractors will appreciate you showing the flexibility and will ready to give your discount. Also, placing an order in advance will prevent you from the last-minute rush and let you have good quality print.

  1. Place Bulk Order

You should increase the count of printing shirts so that you can further reduce the printing cost. Placing a bulk order will help you to stay on your budget and also let you ask for a discount while designing your next shirt.

Adding a number of shirts for printing will reduce the cost of printing per shirt. For example, if you have placed an order for 50 shirts with only one printing color, then you will get a huge discount.

  1. Use Resources Available For Free

Designing a shirt on a budget will help you to find the resources that are available for free. It will help you stay on your budget. You can use free resources such as printed tags, hem tags, textures, etc. You can print your brand logo and URL of your website. Submit your art and print will be ready.

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