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6 Ways To Organize Highly Engaged Events

Are you planning to host a virtual event? If yes, then you must be looking for some inspiration to make your event an engaging and interactive one so that you can give a real-life experience to your attendees.

Well, traditionally when we used to think of online events, webinars are the only online event type that comes in our mind. But that’s not true. There are many other virtual event types that you can host as per your objective or organizing an event.

With Airmeet’s attendee friendly features, you can organize highly engaging events. Here are the 8 ways you can use Airmeet to organize engaging and interactive events while sitting back in your homes.

1.  Online Meetups

It’s time to say goodbye to long commutes, traffic jams, delayed trains, bad weather as you can now organize online meetups, and that too the most engaging one.

2.  Webinars

Hosting webinars would be an amazing idea if you’re planning to organize an event during any course or online training.

If you organize a webinar on Airmeet, you can make it quite interactive by posting polls, introduce a breakout session, direct your attendees to the social networking lounge where they can connect with each other and expand their networking.

You can also mark a proclamation and bring back your attendees to the webinar. It also enables you to record all the sessions which you can use later on.

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3.  Online Training

If you’re planning to conduct some sort of online training like teaching a module or host one on one coaching your client then you can do it on Airmeet to get a flawless experience of online training.

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You can either have a live talk or add the screen share highlight to share access to an introduction during your live instructional meeting.

4.  Experience Sharing

You can now share experiences, collaborations, and make long-lasting connections online with ease. The chatbox feature allows you to chat with others and get to know their experiences. Also, you can turn your camera and mic on and have a video call. Boost engagement with online chat and video calls all on one platform.

5.  Coaching Workshops

You can organize an online coaching workshop with a small group of people and render them an experience of an offline coaching workshop by interacting with them by online chat or video call.

6.  Virtual Summits

Virtual Summits are in fad these days but have you ever wondered why? It is because you can join and attend a virtual summit from your comfort zone and don’t have to spend hours on the commute or get stuck in terrible traffic jams. The accessibility of virtual summits is just in clicks.


Are you all set to organize an engaging virtual event with Airmeet? Do you need any assistance to get you started? Well, you can book your free demo today!

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