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3 POWERFUL Ways To Make Money Online From Your BLOG

The online world has a NEW marketing tool, though they have been in existence for quite a while and known as a powerful communication tool for Internet marketers.

If you have been following the most recent Internet marketing trends as I have, then you have undoubtedly heard of them.

What is this new marketing tool I’m talking about that every Serious marketer should have in place?


Here is the simple definition of the blog.

A BLOG (A.K.A. Web-Log) is basically a journal that’s available on the net.  The activity of updating (normally on a daily to weekly basis) a site is called “Blogging” and somebody who keeps a Blog is a “Blogger”.

Let’s check it out what blogging is how why should you start a blog today.

Okay, the first thing strong reason I have for you to start a blog is to make money online.

Here are three of my favourite ways to make money online through a blog.

Write Money Making Content

Writing is one of the best ways to make bucks online.

Here is why?

Let’s say you are writing a guest post on some popular blog post and add your product or service in the content as well as in your author bio. Then, the reader of those sites will know about your product and might buy them.

Additionally, you can write content about the term that is pretty popular and brands out there are willing to pay when you endorse them in your post.

To find those keywords use SEMrush keyword research tool. However, it is a premium tool but you can use FREE SEMrush trial for 14 days.

Make sure you write content that doesn’t look like a sales copy. It should be informative and less sales.

#2. Writing Product Reviews

This one is my favourite way to make money online from blog.

Because they enable you to soft-sell your prospective client by means of giving your own opinion about the product you’re advocating and providing them with a connection if they desire to check into it further, rather than throwing a Sales Pitch in them.

Nobody wants to be sold unless you provide them with something that solves their particular problem. When doing product review mention doesn’t only mention the important feature but show them how that specific product can solve their problem.

There are companies out there who are willing to pay you lots of money when you review them. But I would recommend you to review an only product that you use personally if you haven’t used, you can ask them for trial.

If you find that product is good then go ahead, otherwise, don’t promote such products. It will only ruin your trust among readers and they might never come back to your sites.

Make sure you proofread your content before publishing them, there shouldn’t be a single grammatical mistake. Hire a proofreader or use free online proofreading tools to proofread yourself.

#3. Sell Blogging Space

“Text Advertisement Apps” such as Affiliate Power Ads or Google Adsense are another Fantastic way to earn money from the Website.

I have noticed these two Adsense and putting Affiliate product banner ads are a great way to earn money online.

The only problem is for both you must have traffic on your website. Google Adsense pays you when people click on a particular product from your website that AdSense is showing.

On the other hands, affiliate product banner they pay when someone buys that product after clicking from your website.  Both are a great way to make money online from your blog.

In case you have not started a BLOG, perhaps it’s time you considered it because NOW you’ve got any incentive.  I hope this article helped you understand that the $$Profit$$ possible your Blog might have and ways to begin integrating it… Starting TODAY!


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