How to Succeed In the Hotel Industry.

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The hotel industry is one of the largest industries in the world. In the United States alone, the industry generated a whopping $1.6 trillion in economic output (in 2017) and supports 7.8 million U.S. jobs. These staggering figures are just going to increase as more and more people are getting into travel and tourism and more and so more and more businessmen are investing in the hotel industry. This will of course grow the industry but will result in more competition and problems for smaller hotels and it would just get difficult for them to survive. These big hotels and resorts have very large budgets, which they use on their marketing to attract more and more customers. This crushes the smaller hoteliers and puts them on the back foot. The hotel and resort industry may be quite profitable but can be very rough, but that is not the case if you have the right formula for success. You, as an owner, should always look for ways through which you can catch and attract the attention of new prospects while retaining the old ones and find out ways to put yourself out there and create a positive image of your business. You should invest in techniques which will speak out to the people and would make them want to come to your hotel. I know a few ways that can help you get more customers towards your hotel and resort business, create a name for your hotel or resort and succeed in this ever competitive industry. These tips and hacks may sound pretty elementary, but trust me, they will ensure that your business prospers and survives in this ever-competitive market. This post will let you know of ways through which you can stand against your opposition. Follow these pointers and I guarantee that you would succeed. Here goes nothing.

  1. Be distinct and stand out
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Being unique counts and plays a crucial role in grasping the attention of the consumers. If you notice, many hotels and resorts function in the same manner and aren’t that unique. The key lies in uniqueness which helps you stand out. Think of ways in which you can be different from the other hotels and resorts in the industry and then use that unique attribute and market the hell out of it and turn it into your selling point. Base your marketing efforts around it. Give people something special and they will surely be lured by it. To be unique you can select a theme for your hotel or offer your customers something that others don’t provide such as a different style of cuisines, a unique theme, unique features that people don’t normally get, and etc. After this, you’ve simply got to get high-quality custom hospitality uniforms and accessories for your staff. These uniforms should match with the theme of your hotel.  These uniforms are very important as they can offer your business a crisp and defined look and can help in communicating the correct brand image and the right tone of your hotel or resort. Guests can look at your hotel personnel in these custom uniforms and get the idea of the services you offer and your hotel becomes visually appealing as well. Another key factor of the distinct uniforms is that they can help in marketing your hotel or resort. When your restaurant staff goes out in public wearing the hotel uniforms embellished with the logo on them, your brand logo will get numerous free impressions and those who hadn’t known about you will get to know you and just like that prospective customers might visit you.

  1. Provide your customers with an innovative experience
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The hotel industry is not just about providing good accommodation and room service.  You need to provide an exceptional overall experience to your guests. You can do that by identifying their needs, their expectations and their motive of the stay. Attract your customers and other people by organizing live concerts, fitness classes, spas, poolside parties and etc. These events not only attract the hotel guests but also outsiders as well. This way you can attract a bit of added income as well.

  1. Use social media actively and effectively

Social media is a key marketing tool and you should use it actively and effectively. Here are a few numbers to tell you its importance. There are around 3.48 billion active social media users around the world. That accounts to 45% of the globe. Of course a large chunk of these won’t be relevant to our business but that’s where segmentation comes in. Social media has the capability to tell you the demographics, age, interest and all sorts of data. Sort stuff out using filters and launch targeted campaigns and attract the people by posting engaging content which will attract your targeted audience. For e.g. you start out an authentic Indian style hotel and have the complete range of Indian cuisines and its all Indian themed. You can segment and target the Indian population; next you can target foodies who like to try new cuisines. You can hold events like the Holi, Diwali and etc. You can attract a large audience; the possibilities are endless. Stay active on social media, and keep targeting your audience effectively.

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