Ways To Prevent And Put Out An Electrical Fire


To prevent electrical fires, you will need to prepare your area as much as possible This can be done at home or work. Anywhere that uses electricity can benefit from some precautions. Electrical fires can cause a lot of problems and are very destructive if not properly dealt with immediately. These fires are easily preventable as long as you try these steps out. Here’s what you can do to prevent electrical fires.

Unplug Unused Devices

Any product that produces heat needs to be unplugged when it’s not in use. If you keep these appliances plugged, you’re not only spending extra coin for your electrical bill but you’re also putting your area at risk for an electrical fire. There will be some instances that If a fuse overloads or malfunctions, it can start a fire. If you leave these appliances plugged, it can potentially overheat and catch on fire. Be careful with any hot appliances and be vigilant about unplugging them when they’re not in use. 

Use Extension Cords As Temporary Solutions

Did you know that extension cords are temporary solutions? If you have too many extension cords, you could overload one of your plugs and cause an electrical fire. If you need extra power, you can ask an expert electrician to add more sockets for you to use. Make use of the extension cords when necessary but not as a necessity. 

Monitor Your Home’s Electrical System

It’s important to monitor your electrical sockets at home and keep them properly maintained. If your sockets begin to dip or if they spark when you plug your electronics in, then this may be a sign that you need to have them fixed or maintained.

This also applies to your gadgets and appliances, if your wires begin to overheat when plugged in or if they stop working, you need to replace these as well. 

Disconnect Electricity As Soon As An Electric Fire Starts

An electric fire starts and what do you do? It’s important to disconnect the electricity immediately. However, if the electric fire is spreading faster than you can prevent it, you have to prioritize your safety first and call your emergency hotlines.

Make sure that you find a clear path to safety before even attempting to try and put out the fires yourself. It’s not worth the risk if you have an unclear path and you need to book it as soon as possible before you get trapped. 

Small Electrical Fires Can Be Put Out With Baking Soda

Using baking soda on small electric fires can put them out immediately. This can be used for overloaded cords and appliances. As much as possible, before attempting to put out the fire, remember to unplug the power source or cut off the electricity.

Afterward, you can simply toss the baking soda on fire to put out the flame. Sodium bicarbonate is the chemical composition of baking soda and this is commonly found in Class C fire extinguishers. It’s also very cheap and you can hoard boxes of baking soda if you want. This could instantly become your lifesaver if you have an extra box lying around. 

Never, Under Any Circumstances Use Water While The Power Is On

Fire puts out water but it can be dangerous if it’s from an electrical fire. Water will just conduct the electricity and you could end up getting electrocuted and spreading the fire even further. Don’t make this mistake and just use baking soda as mentioned above. 

Keep Flammable Materials Away From Appliances

If you have any flammable materials such as cloth or paper near appliances, you could potentially put them on fire if you expose them near heat-producing appliances. Keep these materials away from your appliances as much as possible.

Take this chance to organize them. If you have any old wires and cables it’s best to throw this away instead of reusing them and putting yourself at risk. 

Use A Fire Blanket

Fire blankets are an efficient way to put out an electrical fire. Fire thrives off on oxygen and the fire blanket can cut the oxygen off. This will then put out the fire if it’s small enough to contain. However, if you don’t have a fire blanket and you know that your electricity flow is off.

You can use water to put the fire out, just make sure to unplug the appliance or the wire after it’s out. Douse the flame with as much water as you can manage until the fire dies down. 

Key Takeaway

Use these to prevent electrical fires at home or in the office. These tips can save a lot of lives if you put them into practice. Remember that safety should be your priority when any fire starts. Don’t play the hero until you’re sure you can be safe. 

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