Ingrown Toenails: Details To Know

Ingrown toenails are overgrown nails which usually forms in the edges or corners of your finger. It causes immense amount of pain and swelling causing the spot to becoming reddish in color, it happens as the overgrown nails penetrates the skin causing it to break from inside. Sometimes untreated Ingrown Toenails can lead to infection that may require surgical treatment. But it can be treated with simple home remedies at an early stage. But, if the conditions don’t improve with home remedies quickly and the pain is sever it is necessary to visit an Ingrown Toenail Clinic which will provide for medical treatment, so that it doesn’t go into the stage of infection.

When to see a Doctor?

There are certain circumstances or physical conditions when the patient has to deliberately see an Ingrown Toenail Clinic if such condition arises.

  • If the patient is Diabetic.
  • If there are any blood circulation Problem.
  • Any signs of Infection, Swelling or unbearable pain.
  • History of nerve damage.

Ingrown Toenails Treatments


If you are ever to visit the Doctor, then the home remedies haven’t worked for you and your doctor may recommend you.

  • Lifting the nail: If your problem has not exceeded its limit then your doctor may lift the nail a bit to slip some little amount of cotton or dental floss under it. It will help the skin to be distant from the nail, which will prevent further pain or swelling.
  •  Partly removing the nail: If your pain is more, than that the doctor may trim or cut the overgrown part of the nail, and give you some medications.
  • Surgery and tissue removal: If you have already gone through the prior treatments and still you are facing problem and having infection in the same area repeatedly, the doctor will suggest you to go through a minor surgery. They will remove the overgrown portion of the nail as well as the underlining tissue after giving anaesthesia in the area. This will help to prevent the nail from growing back.
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Home Remedies

            If you suspect an Ingrown Toenail in its early days, it is important to keep the area clean and follow some simple home remedies for avoiding a visit to an Ingrown Toenail Clinic.

  • Warm water soak: Soaking your affected area in warm water for 15-20 minutes a day will help you reduce swelling and pain.
  • Antibiotics: Applying some antibiotic ointment to the affected area will help you to reduce swelling and avoid chances of getting infection.


  • Placing some cotton or dental floss: After applying some antibiotic in the area you have to slide some cotton under the overgrown nail. This will help to keep a gap in between the nail and skin.
  • Footwear: If you are facing a problem of Ingrown Toenail try considering some comfortable and open type of footwear.

Cause and Conclusion

            Ingrown Toenails are mainly caused some minor mistakes we do in our daily life.

  • Excessive sweating: Too much sweating in the feet and toes may also be a cause of your ingrown toenail and it may also develop fungal infection.

It is always better to keep a good hygiene and some simple changes in the way of your living effects your hygiene in largely. Keeping yourself and your surrounding clean is good in its own way.

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