Google VPS – Technology Evolution or Revolution?

Google maps are used as a synonym with directions. It is difficult to recall a time when we used to ask people to guide us correct route to our desired destination. Since its launched Google maps have become a part of our everyday lives and continuously google maps is developing and introducing new features to its application, which most of the people have not explored yet. In your opinion google maps visual positioning system (VPS) is evolution or revolution? Well, this article will help you to know how Google Map has evolved in the past few years and what actually VPS is, an evolution or a revolution?


The evolution of Google Maps. 2

Navigation becomes easy with the Global positioning system (GPS). 2

Are you not aware of the Global positioning system (GPS)?. 3

The original google Maps. 3

Google made tracking your loved ones is easy. 3

Do you know any other GPS provider?. 3

Is Google Maps still confusing you?. 3

Google Maps Today. 4

What’s new in Google Maps?. 4

Google Maps Visual Positioning System (VPS) – Evolution or Revolution?. 4

The technology world is constantly evolving, business is after new innovations. The most important question is whether a new technology opens up new business opportunities and is a deadly challenge to old enterprises.

In other words, we can say: is technology a revolution or an evolution? In general, startups usually have a vision that a revolution is a change and incumbents finds it only to be an evolution. What about Google and Apple, did they start a revolution?

It is seen that Google and Apple changed the mobile business. Google has changed the way businesses used to market their brands. On the other hand, the bookstore business is changed by Amazon. We might claim this was a revolution. But for the mobile company 3G, 4G and 5G are more like evolution. How can we differentiate between these two?

How can a person know if a new technology actually transforms the market and represents a challenge and a threat to incumbent firms? Technology is not the only reason why a firm is a revolution, but the reason is when a firm changes business logic and models of the entire market.

For instance, Apple not only created better mobile phones than Nokia, but it also introduced the App Store and its own apps. A new model was created by Google to market a brand online. Similarly, google maps visual positioning system (VPS) change the idea of how people used to navigate and with the help of Augmented Reality, they introduced an entirely different navigating system.

The evolution of Google Maps

Do you remember the time when you got stranded somewhere, and you had no idea about the routes, which path to take to reach your destination? At that time we all used to depend on others to seek direction to reach our desired destination. While going on a long trip to unknown destinations with family or friends we used to stop at various shops, stations to ask for directions. At that time, we had no other option except to ask routes from random people.

Navigation becomes easy with the Global positioning system (GPS)

Then the technology took over.  Now we do not stop and ask people to tell us the best routes to reach our desired destinations but instead, we ask the person sitting next to us to open the google map app and check if we are going towards the right destination or not. Even if we have no one with us we can simply type the destination name and follow the route.

Since a decade these technologies have changed the way how we used to navigate. Now with the help of a global positioning system (GPS), it is much easier to navigate and to reach your desired place.

Are you not aware of the Global positioning system (GPS)?

For those who still do not know about the global positioning system (GPS), here is a concise explanation, “Global positioning system (GPS) is a satellite navigation system primarily designed to support and manage the United States armoured vehicles and troops. After its success, it was eventually provided to the public as a navigation tool.”

The original google Maps

In the year 2005, Google launched its global positioning system (GPS) application. Since then it has been used for navigation services. Now whenever you feel the need to know directions, one name instantly pops up in your mind that is Google Maps.

A year later after the launch, google maps introduced a ‘street view’ feature, which becomes one of the most popular features of the application at that time. A major impact on google maps, after incorporating this feature into the app was that the company had to stop relying on information from third parties. And since then Google maps eventually became really bigger.

Soon Google Maps introduced a variety of useful features, for instance, restaurant rating, traffic alerts on which people depend so much. ETAs have become, and continue to be, one of the most essential features in developing Google Maps.

Google made tracking your loved ones is easy

Google being the pioneer in the navigation Industry aims to strive to improve its navigation system. A few months back Google has also unveiled another feature in its app through which you are able to track your loved ones while they Law assignment help online are travelling. Google named this feature ‘stay safe’, through this feature it is easy for individuals to track their family members or friends while they are travelling through cabs, this feature also alerts the family even if the cab slightly goes off-route.

Do you know any other GPS provider?

How many of you are aware of any other GPS provider except Google? Since Google is the market leader, other Global positioning systems (GPS) providers, such as MapQuest, Map factor, etc. are rarely known. Google with its comprehensive google map range is dominating this area. There are few regional providers, such as the GLONASS (Globalnaya Navigazionnaya Sputnikovaya Sistema) in Russia and the Beidou in China, which have famous names in the navigation industry of such countries.

Is Google Maps still confusing you?

The question which bothers many people is why we still experience incorrect navigation by google map? Have you ever followed a global positioning system (GPS) and ended into closed roads, incorrect places and ponds? The satellite signals are one of the factors because they are not 100 percent correct and sometimes they can’t assess your exact location. Another reason for obsolete maps is that maps like google maps and others might not be revised for diversions or roadworks.

According to research by Nursing Assignment Help Online, many important details such as reliability and road types are missed by the global positioning system (GPS). Poor satellite signals and signal disturbance lead to usual glitches.

Google Maps Today

The world is continuously evolving new technologies are being introduced. Every day we get aware of some new innovation. Google Maps is also evolving continuously, they are developing there app on a regular basis. The company is adding useful features to its app. The recent addition to Google Maps allows users to send a message directly to any company that is on Google Maps, this can be only possible if the company uses ‘my business’ feature.

The ‘My business’ feature of Google Maps will attract many users because with the help of this feature they will be able to chat directly with any business. Google is working towards to make the global positioning system GPS system work offline. The company is continuously developing its application to give users a completely different navigating experience.

What’s new in Google Maps?

Soon Google with Augmented Reality (AR) is about to introduce a Google Maps Visual positioning system (VPS). This advancement in Google Maps will help you to easily reach your desired location. By using your cellphone’s camera google map visual positioning system (VPS) will detect your live location and then it will display the best possible routes to your destination. Users will have a better navigation experience and they will not be lost as google map Visual Positioning System (VPS) will show fledged-up 3D paths, for instance, coloured arrows.

Google Maps Visual Positioning System (VPS) – Evolution or Revolution?

The development of the Visual Positioning System (VPS) was not revolutionary but evolutionary. The necessary changes were gradually introduced to the google maps app. The company is continuously evolving and improving its application. In the future google maps visual positioning system (VPS) is likely to introduce more features to give users a better navigating experience.

Google Maps visual positioning system (VPS) will use the device’s camera along with Google’s data to show possible routes. By using the device camera the VPS will detect your location and then will display the routes to your desired destination. Google maps visual positioning system (VPS) is said to be by far the most accurate than the Google maps global positioning system (GPS). The issues that were faced by users while using GPS will be solved by this system. This visual positioning system (VPS) will overcome all the issues users faced while using GPS. This innovation is useful for those urban areas where the google maps Global positioning system (GPS) is usually blocked by tall buildings.


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