9 Features an app must have

The online market for online dating is inundated and continues to evolve. Who could have predicted Tinder’s stunning popularity with hundreds of applications? This article is what you need when you are willing to build a dating app of your own or even beyond Tinder, Bumble and Hinge. We cover all costs of creating a server system including Tinder, time and resources. We hope that all of your questions will be answered. Good luck!

What’s Tinder?

Let’s start by remembering what Tinder is popular for. Tinder is one of the best dating apps ever. In recent years, because of the innovative swipe right (like) and swipe left (dislike) feature, the app has been on the phone of everybody. Online dating is simpler than ever with smartphone dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Coffee Meet Bagel. People don’t have to go out, spend money in coffee shops and feel timid when you meet someone in real life. The hidden tool of Tinder is a spirit of gaming. The application destroys the stigma of online gaming.

The cost of building a database app depends directly on its type and the features it has. Tinder is an app based on locations, while traditional personal information and surveys are used for other dating apps. Let’s now talk about what features are necessary to develop app like Tinder.

  1. Logging in:

The login is very straightforward: via Facebook or telephone number. An app like Tinder must have algorithms harvest foundational Facebook user data to bypass the conventional form completion process and to create a profile. Mentioning Facebook here is essential as nowadays we all log in to websites either via Google or Facebook.

  • Profile:
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Whenever we want to register for something, there is always a form you need to fill and that form is profile. The profile is where you put your basic information. Basic user data can be downloaded or manually added from Facebook or Google. Then users can add a short description and images. View profiles:

  • Age
  • Place
  • Short overview
  • Facebook shared
  • Contacts
  • Location:

If you are creating an app you should keep in mind that Tinder’s proximity is crucial. The app’s original idea is to connect people based on their existing location. Geo-location is a critical feature, because if you want to connect people from different locations then you need to have this feature in your app.

  • Settings:

An app like Tinder must-have a setting feature where users can update or delete the requirements. Like age, sex, and distance. A user can specify a search range in the free version not exceeding 10 miles.

  • Swipe:

An app must have Swipe, which is the unique value product of Tinder. This functionality has been designed to improve the date search process. A swipe to the right means as you like the person, a swipe to the left means you do not like the person. Online dating is easier and more entertaining with the swappable card interface.

  • Matchmaking:

An app that provides this service must have the matchmaking feature. This is only done when both parties like each other. And there is mutual like given to them. Once you meet your match you can start chatting with the person you like.

  • Chatting:
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In-app, a private chat must be opened as soon as users match. Users can like messages on the app, add GIFs and emoji.

  • Social media Integration:

In an app like Tinder, users can add a dating profile to their Instagram and Snapchat profiles. It leads to more connections and exchanges in the project.

  • Push Notification:

This functionality is a must for dating apps for consumers to consistently return. Apps must have alerts for users about new games, emails, and updates to the app.


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