10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Outdoor Advertising

Why advertising ?

The profit of a business is directly proportional to the amount spent on advertising and marketing activities. The scalability and profitability of a company are depending on its advertising strategy. On average, almost 7% of annual revenue is spent on annual advertising activities. Advertising becomes one of the main activities of any business. Due to many other reasons advertising has emerged and evolved into a huge industry by itself.

Why Outdoor Advertising ?

In this digital age, everyone seems busy and always in a hurry.  People are always on the move and they spend 70% of the time outside their home. This increases the amount of time we spend outside our home in general. Every one of us sees ads everywhere around us. We are continuously bombarded with thousands of ads every day with some of the other media. To avoid these ads consumers have developed an acute memory and a very short span of attention.  Companies literally fight with each other to grab the attention of their customers. Whether it could be mobile, TV, radio, newspaper, magazines, etc… 

There are many media or channels available for advertising. However, with the time outdoor advertising has become one of the most cost-effective and result-driven media options available. But, in contrast, only a small amount of overall advertising budget is spent on outdoor advertising.

Let’s see Top 10 compelling reasons why a business needs Outdoor Advertising.

1.                  Complete Autonomy

When compared with other media options Outdoor media ads cannot be put down like radio or TV. Like other media the viewers can neither fast forward an ad nor or can they change their range of view. The customers can change the channel or fast forward or turn their page or miss your ad or even close browser page.

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Out of all outdoor is the only place where the customers do not have control over ad space. The advertisers have extraordinary control over what, where and how an ad will be seen. This makes outdoor advertising truly autonomous in control.

2.                  High Impact

Consumers are not invited to outdoor advertising. It’s a part of their environment and therefore it cannot be controlled like any other media. The viewers or consumers cannot control what they see or for how long they see. This makes your campaign effective and more impactful for a longer period than what the viewer may often expect.

3.                  Grabs Attention.

Outdoor Ads grabs the attention of every passerby in a possible way. Every outdoor ad is extremely creative and expressive which tends to gain more attention amongst consumers. The consumers do not need to pay any attention at all to understand the Ad message. As it stands alone strategically it does not have to fight for attention like other types of medium. Outdoor Ads are very big in nature and it makes it completely visible for a consumer from any distance.

4.                  A Cost-Effective

Outdoor advertisement delivers maximum Returns on Investment (ROI) in every category. Higher the budget larger the ROI.

5.       Maximum reach

Every brand or business try to reach a broader audience as much as possible. Every demographic and psychographic audience could be reached easily. Consumers who are difficult to reach, consumers who have no access or less access to conventional mediums can be reached easily with outdoor ads. Hence the outdoor ad becomes a great platform that fulfills this purpose.

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6.                  Influence buying decision

Most of the buying decisions occur often outside a retail store or shopping center. When it comes to outdoor ad a location matters most and it impacts and influences the buying decision at all stages in the user journey. There is a lot of research done by different Media studies which show that an outdoor ad is the advertising medium which is most seen by any shopper. It gives the last point of influence before actual shopping is done.

7.                  Engaging Medium

In general outdoor ads are liked more by the consumers, unlike any other mediums. Consumers prefer to see ads while they are on move rather than doing something. And for good some reason, they consider it as a welcome distraction. Hence, buses or taxis with ads are more attractive to consumers than without it.

8.                  Perfect for Marketing Mix

Outdoor advertising complements easily with other media. An ad message is continuously given to consumers using various mediums. Outdoor Ads can complement other mediums like TV, radio, digital marketing and many more. The impact and recall value of an outdoor ad is more as compared to other media and the consumer can recall the message even after a longer period of time.

9.                  Best choice for Above the Line marketing activities

Every agency wants to make the most of their above the line (ATL) marketing and advertisement activities. Every company wants to create increase awareness at scale and building a brand in the long run. To fulfill this need Outdoor advertising becomes the first choice.

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10.              A key player in the Omni Channel Advertisement Strategy

Omni Channel is the new norm of advertising. Every platform and every channel has the strength and weaknesses of its share. The single medium of communication is not sufficient to reach to consumers nowadays. Consumer needs to be connected through every possible medium without changing the style and perspective of the message. A medium could be anything mobile or TV or web, in-store or outdoor. In this, outdoor advertising plays a key role in creating the bridge for an Omni-channel to occur.

Hence, outdoor advertising offers brands and companies a new, innovative and creative ways to reach their consumers.

Contact us today if you want to reach your customers at large in the most effective way and you are interested in the benefits which are listed above.

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