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Do you want to buy a new generator from Eicher? You will hear about the new Eicher DG package, pricing and other features here. You’re going to get yourself here.

.This relationship offers global leadership with respect to safety, innovation, performance, and environmental services.

These engines are built with state-of-the-art technology and offer high reliability, low cost of operation and also superior working time. VE Commercial Vehicles Limited is a quality management program accredited organization founded in 2009 for design and production.

For different applications, for example, Power generation, construction equipment, material management, marine and harvester blend, VECV produces branded EICHER diesel engines from 38 HP to 201 HP.

Such engines are designed using the most sophisticated technology in the world and provide high reliability, low operating costs and excellent operation times. VE Commercial Vehicles Limited is a quality management program accredited organization that has been founded for design and manufacturing in 2009.


VECV is located in Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh, India, with a condition of development. Their manufacturing plant is fully automated and Poke-Yoke designed to ensure good engine performance.

Their manufacturing set-up has achieved Volvo Group’s most strong international quality standards and is focused on the global production and processes of Volvo Group.

Motors are CPCB-II specifications for liquid-cooled diesel engines. Our main emphasis is on delivering the best product quality, comfort, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness.

A strong partnership, a well-trained maintenance department and ample inventories of spare parts provide optimum coverage for the after-sales.

Benefits of buying a new generator in Eicher

Some of the major advantages of a modern engine are here.

  1. Is provided with a warranty from a producer
  2. There is no need for more maintenance
  3. Works to achieve good performance.
  4. High performance supports.
  5. act without sound.
  6. The latest generator’s function is more like a contrast with the existing generator.
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Eicher Engine Specifications

Best Performance

  1. Excellent load capacity.
  2. Low duration because of high temperature and altitude.

Low cost of service

  1. Pricing of the Lost Cost Parts
  2. Superb fuel savings
  3. Longer Service Interval
  4. No time of run-in

Up Time

  1. Design of robustness
  2. Built-in Cooler for oil
  3. Piston Jet Cooling
  4. Cycle of Long Life
  5. LLOP, HWT, Air Filter, CAF, Motor Protections

Two kinds of supply dependent generation

  • Grid supply
  • Standalone supply

Grid Supply

Net supply means generating and distributing electricity through a large transmission system in a single central generating plant, Connectivity to all consumers, whether house, commercial or business.

Standalone Supply

Stand-alone supply means independently generating electricity where the user requires electricity. This was designed for captive use and requires sufficient growth and power supply for specific applications.The continuous and uninterrupted supply of electricity for applications such as hospitals and the process industry is a key feature of stand-alone generators

The role of the power sector

The strength of human life in today’s world might be electricity. Humans are hardly connected by electricity in any way in their lives.

The government’s main concern is to generate electricity, through policies and policies that will allow it to generate sufficient electricity.

There are many ways to generate electricity, including hydropower, thermal energy, solar energy, and wind energy.

Uses of Diesel Generators

In cases where the grid is not available, most diesel generators are used. Or a power source for home or company emergency backup if the grid doesn’t work or fails.

Such Diesel engines are ideal for small loads, control instruments and large loads for installations such as schools, commercial buildings and warehouses. Based on the capacity of the turbine.

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Such diesel generators are primarily used in industrial manufacturing and installations because of their high cost of backup power systems.

Very commonly, you will use fewer natural gas or propane versions for houses. The standby systems produced by diesel are widely utilized as emergency backup.

Probably the only type of generator that can power in ten seconds from a power failure is the diesel generator.


Eicher offers a large range of new generators for sale. You can call and email us for verification of our service which we offer So quickly as possible, our support team will report with you, comparison to this blog our support team satisfy you much more by interaction with our valuable customer From installation to service we help customers


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